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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Apache Stone

Natural stone remains the most desired choice of materials for landscape architects worldwide. This year make your landscaping stand out with natural boulders and pebble stones from Apache Stone. They come in a wide variety of textures, colors and sizes. Flagstone from Apache Stone can be cut into pattern geometric shapes or you can keep it irregular for a more natural and rustic look.

Since the 1950s countless styles have come and gone, but for Apache Stone two things never go out of style—providing quality products for your home at a great value and giving you the highest level of customer service possible. Apache Stone offers a full line of building and landscape stone. Currently Apache Stone operates locations in Arizona and Nevada and is in its fourth generation of ownership.

Landscaping a residence is like grooming your home. It makes your home aesthetically pleasing and a personal place for you and your family to relax. It’s much more than just adding an abundance of flowers and plants. Steps, terracing, decks, fences and lighting are some of the value added landscape features.
Whether it’s in their showrooms, quarry or distributor channels, you’ll find the highest quality building and landscaping stone known to mankind with Apache Stone. Because natural stone may be the most versatile product available in building and landscaping, the crew at Apache Stone pays special attention to the details of your plan to ensure that the right stone is specified before the order is placed.

Natural stone is more than rock people build with; it’s naturally elegant, pure and a solid indication of your personality. Using Apache natural stone presents an authentic image to others and cultivates a deeper form of integrity. Quarrying and fabricating the premier construction material from quarries throughout Arizona, Apache Stone features the widest range of colors, textures and sizes found anywhere in the Valley.

As a homeowner, builder or architect, talk with Apache Stone very early in the project to discuss the preferred stone for the application you have designed. The team of experts at Apache Stone can assist you with recommendations that add quality and character throughout the entire project.

Apache Stone
3900 East Cheyenne
Las Vegas, NV 89115


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