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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Blue Heron Design

Blue Heron

685 Dragon Peak Court

Henderson, Nevada 89012



Celebrating 15 years of VEGAS MODERN™  

We decided to build a new home with Blue Heron after falling in love with the aesthetic of the show home. The obvious level of creativity and uniqueness that this builder brings to the table is unmatched. – Karen Nassof 

When Tyler Jones founded Blue Heron, a custom design/build firm, his architectural preferences leaned to modern. Many told him it would never work in Las Vegas. However, such naysayers served to further motivate and drive him. Fifteen years later, Vegas Modern™ has become their signature design, a type of modern architecture many have come to love and emulate. When the homes come on the resale market, part of the description is, “This is a Vegas Modern™ design by Blue Heron.”

Jones’s father is a custom homebuilder, and as a kid, Tyler started learning the trade under his dad on the labor end. During high school, he worked after school for local architects, and studied architecture at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After graduating, he furthered his knowledge and experience in the employ of architects in Denver, then returned to Las Vegas to start his own business. “I never wanted to do anything else, and enjoy taking it another level.”

From the first custom homes to those planned or under construction today, the Vegas Modern™ philosophy shows in clean desert styling, open living spaces, relational courtyards, and more. The overall feel is calm, a well-being lifestyle. A place to relax with family and friends.

Designing a home that qualifies as Vegas Modern™ while tailoring it to a client’s wishes can be challenging, but it’s a challenge the Blue Heron’s design teams relish. A person’s home is definitely about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the garage, about the predominant look. It is about precision, staying within the client’s budget and using the highest quality materials as well. Jones, however, realizes a home also has an “emotional experience,” and he works hard to handpick a design team specifically suited to each client. It’s important to understand clients’ values, personalities, how they carry out daily life in their homes. The process is involved, but in the end the home designer, the builder, the interior designer and the client are satisfied. Overall homeowner satisfaction is the cornerstone of Blue Heron’s long-term success.

“We have a lot of unique characteristics as a company. It’s about passion and pushing boundaries and continuing to challenge ourselves to do better, more interesting, sophisticated and novel things with design.” Blue Heron’s award-winning architecture expertly blends aesthetics with function in their desert contemporary style. “The architecture is created in harmony with the Mojave Desert. How indoor and outdoor living blend seamlessly is very important during ourdesign process.”

Under Tyler Jones’s leadership and prominent architects and designers, Blue Heron is recognized both nationally and internationally and has won numerous design awards. Blue Heron’s designs focus on sustainability, practices that have allowed them to achieve the Platinum LEED certification and the Emerald certification by the National Green Building Standard.

Blue Heron’s newest show home, VEGAS MODERN 001, is scheduled for a spring 2020 completion date. The 14,000-square foot home will be the company’s flagship, showcasing unparalleled architecture, views, design and innovation. Situated in MacDonald Highlands and the first in the series, this show home will serve as pinnacle of Tyler Jones’s career—at least for now. He is not one to stop thinking, designing, creating.

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