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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Green with Envie

Green with Envie

7024 West Charleston Boulevard

Las Vegas, Nevada 89117



Let the professionals at Green with Envie transform your yard into a beautiful, peaceful, intimate reflection of you. Whether you have a new home or are renovating an existing landscape, they are excited to create an outdoor space for you to enjoy. Green with Envie provides detailed installations with outstanding workmanship. Your unique design will be created by working directly with you and your family with the sole purpose of creating a masterpiece that will delight you year round. 

The staff and owners at Green with Envie have decades of landscape experience throughout Nevada and California. They put a special emphasis on themed designs to create an environment of natural beauty and function.

Answers to questions like these help guide the design process:

  • If you could teleport to any destination, where would it be?
  • Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
  • Do you enjoy hiking along natural trails in the mountains?
  • Does the beautiful English garden beckon you?
  • Or are Asian gardens brimming with color and complexity more to your liking?

The reason questions like these are asked is simple; Green with Envie wants their clients to understand that their outdoor living areas should create a sense of tranquility and happiness. There are many species of trees and shrubs acclimated to our area, and with the correct placement you and your loved ones can reminisce on happy, comforting times. Smell the jasmine, gaze at the Japanese maple, and wonder in the beauty of the amazing blooms of the many varieties of cactus available here in the great state of Nevada.

Green with Envie specializes in what they call fusion creations, which they explain as a fusion of two or more styles designed together. The complete landscape design service includes 3D modeling, planting designs, elevations, perspectives and color rendering.  The designs adhere to a specific design process in which they incorporate your needs into their landscaping ideas to create an overall landscape design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Designs are continually evolving as Green with Envie works, experimenting with mixtures of foliage, color and textures of plants appropriate to Nevada’s desert climate.  With exquisite attention to detail, sensitivity to scale and content, coupled with a determined commitment to design with clients in mind, Green with Envie produces elegantly styled, tranquil and harmonious spaces.

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