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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Modern Elements Construction

Modern Elements Construction

6000 S Eastern Avenue, Suite 5D

Las Vegas, Nevada 89119



"I do things a little differently, build with a different mentality. I build from the finish backwards, which isn't done very often. But it is the way I do it. I get very passionate about my projects, and am very involved."

-Todd Barrett, owner of Modern Elements Construction




Modern Elements not only builds homes, they build genuine relationships.

“I like to see my clients’ faces when they walk in the finished house and it is exactly what they had in mind, but they couldn’t express it when we first talked,” owner Todd Barrett says. “That is what gets me excited. I want my clients to be happy, nothing else matters. You have to find out how to get ideas out of people, get in their head and find out what it is they won’t tell me, but want really badly. That is the challenge, it can even be very small things that make the difference.”

The team at Modern Elements consists of expert builders, designers and architects, backed by an amazing construction crew. This team guides you through the home building experience so that it’s seamless and worry free. Every step is well organized and designed for maximum efficiency to ensure your project stays on track and on time. 

“I am the face of Modern Elements,” says Barrett. “But I am surrounded by the best people on earth, and they make me look good. I am very lucky to have them! Even my subs, many of whom I have worked with for over 20 years, we are all a big family. It is truly a team, and we win as a team.”

Modern Elements is a family owned and operated business, boasting 24 years in the Las Vegas market. The company’s portfolio is stunning; with homes in Southern Highlands, The Summit, MacDonald Highlands, and many more upscale communities. The team offers an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwork every time. 

Throughout Las Vegas, Modern Elements is known as a company that envisions the final result, knowing just where to start, then going above and beyond what’s expected, surprising and delighting everyone. “We’ve generated a reputation as passionate innovators who provide that personal touch,” says Barrett. “I like to do challenging things, to do things people think can’t be done and yet we pull it off. It is fun making dreams come true!”

As a custom homebuilder, Modern Elements realizes that building a home is not just about architectural plans and cement. It’s about creating an environment that’s more than a place to live. It’s about building a setting where you can express yourself, experience life with family and friends, and live life to the fullest. Your home will be a one-of-kind masterpiece that lasts for generations.


Home Remodel & Renovation

Modern Elements believes you don't have to build a new home to have a custom home. Whether you need a complete renovation or just a room remodel, Modern Elements collaborates with you as well as their architects and designers to create exactly what you desire. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and a client-centric approach are key to their success and yours. 

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