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Tuesday, August 27, 2019



1879 Whitney Mesa Drive

Henderson, Nevada 89014




studio g ARCHITECTURE is a holistic design studio based in Nevada, specializing in architecture and interior design. The studio’s design philosophy is bound in a collaborative spirit and a commitment to the principles of modern and contemporary architecture.

The team at studio g ARCHITECTURE offers not only functional designs, but also inspirational spatial paradigms, which increase understanding and awareness of how the use of space affects lifestyle. They approach every design challenge as an opportunity to leave a positive impact on the environment and the community. Ideally, each design goes beyond its programmatic requirements and into aesthetic desires, which allows for rich schemes and personalized design solutions.

studio g ARCHITECTURE defies preconceptions with an understanding that, while working within limits, creative improvisation can harvest unexpected solutions and astonishing results. At the core of this philosophy is the goal to have architecture enhance one’s experience, while immersed in its environment, where one yields influence from that environment.

The decline of both our natural and built environments is at the forefront of studio g ARCHITECTURE’S philosophy, as they seek to reverse this affect and avert further damage to our planet. To this end, studio g ARCHITECTURE has made a passionate commitment to sustainable design. Through proactive measures that address today’s increasingly urgent environmental and social issues, they strive to make sustainable design a part of universal design. studio g ARCHITECTURE challenges its staff and consultants to create environmentally sensitive and practical solutions that satisfy the client’s financial, aesthetic, and programmatic criteria. This task demands that the work incorporates innovative design technologies. By carefully addressing each project from a more holistic approach, all projects can be more resource efficient, easier to maintain, healthier spaces to work, and ultimately more profitable 

Michael Gardner, principal of studio g ARCHITECTURE, recently implemented several green building strategies that earned LEED Silver certification on a home in Spanish Trail. The home is the third LEED certified residential project by Gardner and one of only 68 homes at the time with LEED certification in Southern Nevada. His two other LEED certified homes received Platinum status, the highest level of certification designated by the U.S. Green Building Council.

“The homeowners wanted to ensure that only healthy, non-toxic construction materials were used throughout the home,” he said. “A LEED home is put together with the goal of creating a healthy living space. We were able to create that environment by adhering to several criteria that encompass a green lifestyle.”

The home was built with a ventilation system that brings outdoor air inside aiding in cleaner air, and indoor moisture control along with high-efficiency air filters are in place to help prevent allergens from forming, according to Gardner.

In addition, cost-effective measures were taken such as sealing and insulation throughout the home to help offset the costs of heating and cooling.

Two home sites were combined to build the 8,120-square-foot single-story residence, which features four bedrooms, a library, media room and wine room in one section of the home. Two home offices and an expansive gym are situated on the opposite side to create a separate work area and exercise space. A four-car garage and separate two-car garage allows for ample car and storage space.

“The home was designed with a modern aesthetic, which is not common for a home in Spanish Trail,” said Gardner. “The single-story design enabled us to make great use of the space and provided better opportunities for energy saving elements.”

While Studio g ARCHITECTURE was the lead architect for the home, it was a team effort to achieve the LEED certification. Additional companies involved include: 

  • Element Building Company general contractor
  • Sage Design Studios landscape architect
  • Greenscapes of Nevada landscape contractor
  • Two Trails sustainable building consultant
  • Taney Engineering civil engineer
  • HPA Consulting Engineers plumbing & electrical engineer
  • Comfort Engineering, Inc mechanical engineer
  • Rim Rock Engineering structural engineer
  • Amore Interiors interior design
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